Best Foil Shaver in 2019 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Are you bored of those previously found shaving machines and are willing to try something new? Come to this website and gather quality proof foil shaver machine at a reasonable price. You might have come across a wide range of similar products within markets but finding a reasonable one as per your choice is certainly difficult for you. This foil shaving machine works great and this will sooth your shaving process efficiently. But what does a foil shaver used for and how it is different from rotary machines could be understood better if you go through this.

What’s the real story?

For the past years, you are using different methods for shaving, but you are not satisfied with it. You might have always been worrying whether you can find some easy way without any kind of irritation on the skin. In order to achieve this, TheSuaveLiving has introduced its long lasting and quality oriented foil shaver machines to facilitate its users with easy and smooth shaving experience. Shaving with modern technique helps your skin to sooth up with an ease and gives you, even more, benefits.

How could you differentiate rotary vs. foil shaver’s sensitive skin?

There are usually two different methods used for shaving, and this could be foil shaver or rotary shaver. But the major difference lies in its usage tricks. They both use a different process of techniques and produce different results. Rotary machine is designed to work in a rotating motion such that the hairs slip into the contour while shaving. But in the case of foil shaver covers an almost maximum area of your skin and provides you with a clear shave. For gentle and sensitive skin you can use foil shaver. In short, rotary shaver is ideal for people who don’t shave each day whereas foil shaver is suitable for everyday shaving.

The best part is?

A number is foil shaving machines are found these days with enormous benefits. So let’s find out which machine would suit your choice.

  • Philips Norelco

If you are looking for the best foil shaver machine from the present era, then this is the product of your choice. An ultimate solution for beard shaving is here at the best price for you to afford for. This shaving device works perfectly with the use of laser light and can last for a longer period with durability. It also consists of double sided trimming source and the blades can also be sharpened. Thus, if you wish to get this product then do view what other people have cited.

  • Braun series 9

Braun shaver has been a perfect and one of the finest working shaving devices that can be used for beard cleaning purpose. This device can easily produce 40 cross-cutting results per minute. In fact, this product shows its results over 3-day beards pleasantly. Intelligent SyncroSonic Technology has been an added benefit for this pleasant and comfortable shaving experience. No other product could serve you in a similar manner as the Braun Series does. It also follows for quadruple actions for the cutting system.

  • Philips Norelco S9311/84

Amongst this wonderful collection of shaving device customers gets a special shaving experience with this Philips Norelco machine. This device will provide you with almost 30% clean shave. No more worries about having clean skin around your face get it all done with this Philips Norelco. The V-shaped blades allow you to have up to 9000 shaves which are probably impossible with other blades. The use of Contour Detect Technology allows the blades of this rotary shaver to move in all directions and provide you with a clean shave.

Whatever be your shaving process all can be done perfectly without any stress. This device is immensely used for 20 to 30% clean shaving experience. If you are also willing to get an easy and comfortable shave that too at your home, then you can contact these people. A person using this device can easily use them as per the speed requirement. In fact, the speed being added to this device can work smoothly upon any rough surface of your beard and clean them.

How can you actually use this?

This product can easily be used with the help of gel or lather. Thus one can easily use them whenever they need it. Firstly you should take the gel on this machine and then use this upon the area where you think it gets messy. This is the best way of handling the shaving experience in the best way. If you think of ignoring these old methods of shaving then definitely you are going to use this product in its best way being possible.


If you are thinking of changing your shaving experience then definitely tries these best foil shaver 2016. Some of the benefits of this product can be cited as the best boon for shaving experience, less prone to accidents but provides you with great benefits. In fact, this foil shaver has been the best with low irritation over skin and allowed you to feel better.

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