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Best Shaving Cream Warmers – Updated Review (Dec 2019)

shaving cream warmer top 6Are you looking for the best shaving cream warmer? Then this is the best place for you to get the best (of the best) quality warmers for shaving.

But before starting with the introduction it is necessary for you to understand why are these shaving creams are made for and how you can use them.

For all these certain things need to be understood by users, so ladies and gentlemen let’s all find out more about the best shaving-cream warmer here.

Do you know that there are must be done to achieve the smoothest shave possible?

Whether shaving your legs, face, back or upper body you’ll need to make certain that you are always using the sharpest razor while using a shaving cream.

Plenty of people think that their shaving cream performs less even when using a sharp razor but this is not right. If you need the best shave, then you must constantly use the sharpest shaver time and time again.

Trust me, you will thank me later for making sure that your razor was extremely sharp before shaving.

Top 6 Best Shaving Cream Warmers in 2019 Comparison Table

product namedimensionsweightprice
1. Conair HGL1NR/HGL1R Conair Gel4 x 7.1 x 8 in1.25 pounds
2. Lather Time Professional Hot Lather Machine9 x 4.5 x 5.7 in5 pounds
3. Professional Barber Hot Lather Machine10 x 4 x 5 in4.2 pounds
4. Conair HGL1 Combination
Hot Gel/Lather Machine
7.9 x 3.9 x 7.2 in1.25 pounds
5. Conair HLM10 Hot Lather Machine9.5 x 7 x 3.5 in1 pounds
6. The Latherking Next Generation Charcoal
Shaving Cream Warmer
10 x 7.5 x 7.5 in4.2 pounds

Tips On Getting The Smoothest Shave

Tip #1: Use A Shaving Cream Warmer

The first thing which I recommend to be able to get the smoothest shave is to simply use a shaving cream warmer. The advantages of using a warm shaving cream is that it will make your hair sit up and which will provide you the nearest shave possible. This is something I would personally suggest using it if you wish to have warm shaving cream.

Tip #2: Shave After A Shower

One more technique that I’ve got for you is to always shave as soon as you take a warm shower. Plenty of people shave prior to they take a bathe and not only this can get the shaving cream off, it will not assist in bringing the hair to the surface and open your pores. Just do yourself a favor and just take the warm shower before.

Tip #3: Clean Skin Is Easier To Shave

Did you realize that the cleaner your own skin is the easier it will be to cleanse? Many people don’t understand this particular and therefore they do not worry about it but it is true. The explanation is that clean skin makes it a lot easier to shave is mainly because your shaver will never ought to work thru all the dirt and oil. When you’ve got clean skin all the razor has to perform is cut the hair, nothing else.

Tip #4: Cut Your Hair Prior To Shaving

If you have really lengthy hair, therefore I would suggest cutting it. What takes place normally is many people rush the process and instead of trimming their hair, they simply shave it. What this does is it ruins the shaver much more rapidly and also causes the hair to be pulled out as opposed to being cut.

If you need to have the smoothest shave, then you certainly need to follow the guidelines that I just mentioned. The reason for this is to make certain that your skin and your hair is incredibly silky before trying to slice it simply because in the long run the hair has more to accomplish with your own skin than you believe.

If you want to get a smooth shave, then you certainly need to buy your self the best shaving cream warmer. The benefit of having a shaving cream warmer is the fact that you will never have to attempt and heat the shaving lotion using warm water any longer.

Why Should You Purchase A Shaving-cream Warmer?

The best part that will help you understand easily why you should purchase this product is that this will help you improve shaving process even more delicately with great comfort. In fact your shaving cream will get heated up while using and this will help you to ease up the work of razor. Usually razor works roughly over your skin and you feel disgusting pain over your face. But with this warmer your work gets easy. Especial thanks goes to these shaving-cream warmer machines that benefits you with warm shaving experience.

What Is The Best Part Of Using It?

These days you can find several products with warming technique while these were not seen previously. Earlier, shaving used to be suitable for only a single process either cream or gel, but now these can be used with both type of cream and gel over the machine. Thus to benefit customers with all sorts of shaving experience some of the modern products and shaving cream warmer are launched and these all are listed here. Below are the top 6 best of the best shaving cream warmers for suave people:

1. Conair HGL 1NR/HGL 1R – best inexpensive device for shaving

A number of shaving-cream warmers are seen within markets but this product by Conair has been terrific over every skin. The use of Gel and leather heating technique in Conair HGL 1NR/HGL 1R would allow the machine to get heated faster and allow you to have a perfect and smooth shaving experience.

A feature to maintain temperature control would allow you to easily maintain the consistency of how hot or cold you want your shaving to be. A light indicator allows you to make proper judgment.


  • It instantly heats up the gel or foam for a smooth and comfortable shaving.
  • Temperature control is one of the best features available in the market.
  • The indicator light is very helpful.
  • You can operate it with a normal 120 V plug.

2. Lather Time Professional Hot Lather Machine – best rated in hot lather machines

If you are looking for a professional hot lather shaving cream warmer then Lather Time Professional Hot Lather Machine is the right product for you to purchase. Apart from other machines this product comprises of variant features like presence of a push button for allowing easy disperse of foam/gel, a soap cup for holding larger size soap, etc.

Presence of soft pads helps this machine to be extraordinarily good and suitable for long lasting period. If you want a value for money warmer then you should go for this.


  • It also comes with a large soap cup to store extra soap.
  • There is also a rubber pad that prevents the slipperiness of the entire body.
  • The cleaning brush is very helpful to wipe out the excess foam/gel.

3. Professional Barber Hot Lather Machine

professional shaving cream warmer

When you are looking for another best professional quality shaving machine then The Salon Edge Professional Barber Lather Machine could be another choice for you. But remember that no similar products are seen within markets. Thus this machine features qualities like LED temperature displaying screen, buttons for controlling temperature, and a dispenser button. In fact the best feature is the fastest heating capacity of this machine that too within 10 to 15 minutes. Apart from this the machine stops working while its reservoirs are empty.


  • The LED display will show the temperature.
  • The temperature control button is very handy.
  • It is very easy to use.
  • You can add traditional lather.

4. Conair HGL 1 Combination Hot Gel/Lather Machine

Purchasing this Conair HGL1 Combination Hot Gel/Lather Machine will provide you with the perfect and smoothest shaving experience than before. The use of hot lather helps to make the whiskers smooth. Thus this will help you to feel less irritation over your skin.

Unique Features:

  • It is suitable for the soft and dry skin.
  • The lather can soften the whiskers so you can enjoy the shave while pulling.
  • It is also recommended for ladies also.
  • The storage cylinder is very helpful when it comes to elimination of whiskers.
  • The plug and play operation is very easy for anyone who wants to shave.

5. Conair HLM10 Hot Lather Machine – Editor’s Choice (best shaving cream warmer)

This is the right time for you to purchase the best Conair HLM10 Hot Lather Machine for smooth shaving feel.  Earlier shaving machines were not as interesting as the one being done by this. This product can be easily used by one hand and shows directions using a red light. No other products could benefit you in a similar manner. Thus people found this product quite interesting and even reviewed them to be at top.


  • The lather machine is very useful because of the easy to use controls.
  • It heats up quite fast that is why it is very effective.
  • You can use it with a single hand the indicator lights will show you all the information.

6. The Latherking Next Generation Charcoal

If you are looking for a perfect hot shaving cream then The Latherking Shaving Machine is your preferred choice. Manufactured in USA with special skills and designing technique this product has turned up top rated one. Universal motor adds a special protection to this shaving machine.


  • It is made in the USA so you can assume this to be a good machine.
  • The motor is protected from rust and damages.
  • It has the barber shop like quality so you can expect smooth and high-quality
  • That’s not all; it also has an incredible

How Can You Actually Use This?

shaving cream warmer top 6

If you are worrying about how to use this shaving machine then probably you shouldn’t be worried. Rather you should be liberal as using this machine is very easy and simple. Usually such machines are seen to come up with special tools that can easily make them a top up machine with standard versions. The top of the can after popping would become a perfect shaving machine for usage. After usage one can easily shut down the lid. The use of gel depends upon the shaving warmer that you are using.

Why Does This Matter?

People make use of shaving cream warmer machines simply because they allow users to easily clean their beards and moustache whenever they feel like removing them. Earlier this job used to be time taking and quite painful. But with the introduction of this type of machine work load has been decreased. Within few minutes the machine gets heated up and can smoothly clean the surface. Hot lather machines being used allow the machine to get the perfect temperature for heating up the machine.

How Can The Best Shaving Cream Warmer Provide You The Most Comfortable Shaving Experience?

First let me ask you this – are you looking for the best shaving cream warmer? If so, then trust me, using one will greatly improve your overall experience of shaving, and you will find it much more comfortable to shave.

The trick is;

You have to heat up the gel/foam or cream to the right temperature. If you do this, you will receive a lot of benefits from it, and you will be able to shave with much more ease. (No more pinkish spots due to irritation).

Isn’t is amazing?

Why Is It Beneficial?

As per Wikipedia, a shaving cream is a cream connected to the face, or wherever else hair develops, to encourage shaving. And the main thing that best shaving soap warmers do is to heat up the gel or the cream at the perfect temperature. Now you will think why does this matter? When the cream is heated up, you will get the lesser chance of accident because of the razor. Normally when you shave or trim your facial hair, the razor goes very harsh on the skin. Sometimes you may even experience pain while shaving. The best shaving cream warmer will surely give you a smooth experience of shaving.

How Does The Shaving Cream Warmer Works?

The main thing that the hot shaving cream dispenser will do is to heat up the cream or Gel. That’s the only thing it does BUT the benefit is huge! Now the heated cream or gel will be able to open up the pores of the beard on your face. As a result, the beard will be loosening up. Now, you will use the razor on them and it will easily shave all your facial hairs without much pulling, tugging or irritation. It means you will get a smoother experience of shaving when you use the warmer. You can take this kind of shaving after a hot shower because then it will be more beneficial.

When you are discussing the best shaving-cream warmer, then you must talk about the most effective warmers. Some of them are given below.
  • Conair HGL 1:

This cream warmer will work for all kinds of creams and gel and can heat up the shaving cream you are using. There are different heating settings. You need to change them as per your convenience to get the most comfortable temperature for you. If you feel that the warmer has heated up the cream more than necessary you can always choose to go back to one setting low to make it comfortable. This warmer has six controls which itself is another very good aspect that you can experience.

  • Conair HML10:

This lather machine is considered to be one of the best choices because within a very less time it will be able to heat up the cream. The heat will stay as long as you will keep it. You can easily purchase it from any local super markets. It means that this cream is easily available. You will get a guidebook with this one, and it will help you to use the same in the most appropriate way. The only drawback with this warmer is that you will not be able to use the same with the gel.

Why Go For The Professional Shaving-cream Warmer?

You can always search for professional hot lather shaving cream warmer. It will be bigger in size. At the same time, the price will be higher. However, one thing it can assure is the better experience with shaving. You will just get a professional experience with the same. You will be able to complete your shaving with extreme comfort, and at the same time, you will be able to make it as fast as possible.

How Can You Actually Use The Saving Cream Warmer?

It is extremely easy to use any such warmers.

  • It will have the tool, which will open up the top of any gel can or shaving cream.
  • The can is now required to be introduced with the warmer.
  • After closing the lid, you need to choose the necessary heating settings. It will depend on the particular model you are using.
  • As per the model, the warmer will take some minutes to heat up the gel or the cream to a particular temperature, which you will feel comfortable to use on your skin.
  • Now, you can apply the cream at the time of shaving.
  • When the can is finished, you can always replace the same with a new one and then can again follow the same procedure to use it.

That’s Not All

Before applying the shaving cream in the warmer, it will be better if you can shake it to allow the cream to flow constantly when transferring it. At the same time, the heating setting you are going to use will vary from one person to another because it depends on the comfort level of an individual. You can always go for the auto shut off machines also because it will keep the machine on until the moment the gel/foam or the cream is heated up.

Overall, it can surely be told that if you are using the best shavingcream warmer your experience of shaving will be completely different because you will get a smoother and quicker experience of shaving. There will be the lesser chance of accidents, irritation or pain.


If you really are thinking of getting the best quality of shaving cream warmer for perfect shaving experience then this is the right place for you to observe. You will get high quality materials here that will benefit you with all sorts of goodness. Shaving is done well only when the right amount of temperature is provided by the machine for your foam/gel. Thus using this machine you will experience the better perfections through shaving.

In fact using the machine will help your skin to open all pores of your skin and hence soften your skin even better. These days shaving cream warmers are also designed in a different manner that will help you to work in a better manner.

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