Mason Pearson Vs Sonia Kashuk – Is MP Really Worth It?

Shopping a luxury brand can be a real treat and sometimes it makes sense to splurge on a beautiful, quality product. Mason Pearson is such a luxurious beauty product with a huge fan following.

If you ask any celebrity hairstylist to show what’s in their bag, you are sure to find an MP brush. What makes this brush so effective and favorite is the boar bristles. It is known to glide through the hair and work on any hair type. People report fewer split ends and less breakage using this brush.

Sonia Kushak is an alternative to Mason Pearson and looks very similar to it. This brush costs a fraction of the price of MP and is marketed as an affordable option for those who find the luxury brush too expensive.

In this article, we compare the two hairbrushes to find out whether Mason Pearson is really worth it. We review the brushes in detail and consider their features, performance, benefits and limitations to help you decide if getting an MP is a worthy investment.

Mason Pearson Vs Sonia Kashuk – How They Compare?

Probably the biggest investment for your hair, Mason Pearson is the cult-classic tool which everybody has heard of if not owned. It dates back to 1885 and is always seen on the must-have lists of celebrities, editors and hairstylists. There is something special about this brush that makes it so loved and popular across the world despite its expensive price tag.

The first special thing about this brush is that they are still made in England with hand using the genuine patented techniques of the founder. It has fantastic bristles made of nylon and boar which makes the brush smooth and avoids any breakage or friction. The brush glides through the hair smoothly and does not leave it looking greasy or flat. The bristles are ideal for any hair type as they are neither too coarse nor too soft.

The brush distributes the natural oils in hair throughout the head to give the much-desired shine and moisture from root to tip. It detangles effortlessly and stimulates your scalp for healthy hair growth. The most impressive thing about a Mason Pearson brush is that it will last with you for life. It remains effective like new after years of continuous use. The brush is easy to keep clean as well. The hair pulls out of the face easily and you can rinse it in the shampoo to clean.

Sonia Kashuk is a hair brush that looks similar to Mason Pearson but there are many differences when you look closer. Most users consider this brush as an affordable alternative to MP due to its low price. However, this brush is completely different. It has mixed bristles and they are somewhat hard as compared to MP.

They do not glide through the hair like MP. While MP brush can get through the hair in one glide, Sonia Kashuk brush needs sectioning. It does not distribute the oils and can leave the hair frizzy and static. You cannot expect the shine you get from the MP brush. Cleaning the brush is also not that easy. Though priced lesser, Sonia Kashuk brush does not offer the durability or performance one can appreciate.

Is Mason Pearson Worth It?

Is Mason Pearson Worth It?
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Known as the Vitamix of hair brushes, the Mason Pearson brush, though an investment for most, is a worthy purchase for most. Those who are aware of the shine-producing powers of the brush find it their hair brushing tool to live by. MP brush is manufactured by hand and the bristles never break. It features a mix of nylon and boar bristles which distribute the oils from the hair root to the ends and give the glossiest look to the hair.

Mason Pearson brush never creates friction and frizz like other brushes and it is constructed in a way that the bristles massage your scalp. And it is made to last forever. It does not get missing or broken bristles despite daily use and regular cleaning.

Unlike most brushes, this one actually brushes your hair and change the pattern in which your hair sits. Users of MP brush have expressed their satisfaction and happiness over the years. They say it is a worthy investment for them because it makes the hair shiny and is built to last. Most of them have purchased or received it just once in their lives.

Is Mason Pearson Cruelty Free?

Mason Pearson uses the finest quality natural bristle from wild boar. They come from colder climates where boar bristles grow heavy for protection from cold. No animals are harmed in the collection of bristles. The brushes are made largely with hand and this makes Mason Pearson a cruelty-free brand.

They also offer an all-nylon version of brush which does not contain boar bristles. Those who want to avoid the natural construction can choose from their range of synthetic brushes which deliver similar results.

How to Clear Mason Pearson Brush?

A Mason Pearson brush can be cleaned in two ways. Every MP brush comes with a boar bristle cleaning kit. You can draw the included cleaning brush across the bristles from end to end to remove hair and scalp scales clogging the bristles and pad. You should not use a comb to clean the brush as it can damage the pad. This is the dry cleaning method which should be performed frequently.

For wet cleaning, you can wash the brush occasionally. Dip the brush in soapy lukewarm water. Do not use detergents. Use the cleaning brush to clean the bristles and see that no water enters the air hole at the end of the pad. Shake the brush to remove moisture and leave it to dry with pad pointing down and handle up.

Sonia Kashuk Hair Brush Review

Sonia Kashuk Hairbrush Review
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Designed to resemble the Mason Pearson hair brush in appearance, the Sonia Kashuk brush is available for a much cheaper price and is a great option for those who want an affordable brush that looks like a luxury product. However, the Sonia Kashuk brush does not glide so smoothly on the head and feels somewhat harsh. This makes it less advisable for people with a sensitive scalp.

It contains lesser boar bristles and more nylon bristles, and they are shorter. While the brush works well, it pulls out more hair as compared to softer brushes and is difficult to clean too. It is a great choice for those who want a brush for styling or careless use due to its low price. The Sonia Kashuk hair brush is for those who really want to save money on a hair brush.

Mason Pearson hair brush is really worth the investment and recommended for anybody serious about hair brushes. It is better than Sonia Kashuk in every way and even better than any other hair brush. Do share which hair brush would you prefer and your experiences with the Mason Pearson brush if you use one.

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